luni, 23 iulie 2012

Adrian Paunescu

Adrian Paunescu (born Adrian Peacock, July 20, 1943, Copăceni, put Balti, Balti County, Bessarabia, now Moldova - d November 5, 2010, Bucharest) was a poet, publisher, lyricist and Romanian politician. Paunescu is best known as a poet - Beginning in 1960 and is one of the most prolific contemporary Romanian writers - and as organizer of the Literary Circle Flame, regular meeting held during 1973 to 1985, usually in large cities of Romania, where artists promoted by poet had musical and literary works before an audience. In the Circle, Paunescu popular mass culture encouraged the young audience, despite its many sanctioning made ​​by the communist, he invented the words "generation in jeans" and "young music" to refer to a young audience amateurs style fashion maverick sonorities that they loved, of folk and rock genres.

Paunescu has started publishing in 1973, the year they enter the flame magazine management. Become uncomfortable, is dismissed in July 1985. The pretext was soon aroused scandal concert stampede in Ploiesti flame Literary Circle in June 1985 but Paunescu became known for criticism of power (see, for example, the poem "illiterates", published in 1980 in the flame). After the fall of communism was not allowed a return to the leadership issue flame so that the fall of 1990 founded the magazine however love. As the publisher has also led to a brief period in 1999, Romanian Sport newspaper, and made football programs