duminică, 11 martie 2012

triangle of death

In the Black Sea, close to Serpent Island, located 45 km north-west of Sulina, is a mysterious Bermuda Triangle.Although the area is known since the Middle Ages, few have heard of this triangle, called the "death", which "travels" through the Black Sea. The Turks were the first stories about this strange area, called them "Whirlpool of Death". Also countless stories told about the surprising disappearance relatively quiet waters in broad daylight! Are some surprising stories XIII and XIV century Russian who speaks of a "white swirl" that crawl on the sea birds, boats and even small islands! Reports were made by people who were present and escaped with difficulty from these eddies.
Carefully studying this phenomenon researchers have concluded that it is an area of ​​about 8-10 km - triangular relationship - where there is a strange form of magnetism, much changed from the one detected as being "normal". Russian and Ukrainian scientists say that the mysterious triangle mobile magnetic gap in the Black Sea opens in a split second to several minutes. This magnetic anomaly is moving slowly through the Black Sea, currently moving towards the Romanian seaside, specifically to Sulina.
Various disappearances
Complete data on other mysterious disappearances were found after dismantling the former Soviet Union, because only then watched some horrible secret came to light. Thus, the ultra-secret files of the Red Army to learn about the disappearance of the cruiser Tiolkovsloi May 31, 1944, south of Crimea (70 km offshore), in broad daylight. Although the weather was excellent, neighboring captain says that the cruiser was suddenly enveloped by a fog black with flashes green, then ... he just disappeared from radar screens. Just two months later, another disappearance: five military aircraft left in recognition came in black with shimmering green mist, disappeared from radar screens that were pursued and did not return.
On December 5, 1945, five U.S. bombers type TBM-3 Avenger Grumnan, disappeared in the darkness of the Bermuda Triangle. A very strange, but particularly discussed at that time was the disappearance of five Russian bombers, the same day in Crimea near Triangle of Death (only 70 km from shore).Soviet research expedition that was unleashed after the official announcement of the disappearance bombers failed to find any trace. Some sources say that the last broadcast of the flight instruments have reported a dense fog of the aircraft failed to get out ... Just like the reports U.S. planes in the Bermuda Triangle. As in peacetime, at that there is no nearby enemy base, so the Russian officers believed that it was an accident, but from it should have at least some physical traces remain.
Another mysterious disappearance occurred more recently in 1990 when a small Greek aircraft only 30-40 km away from the Romanian coast.
The area is known to fishermenRomanian and Bulgarian fishermen in coastal areas have long avoided the region because there were various legends and superstitions that there is a "cursed water".Athens Greek media warned that as a private jet, the pilot did not know "bypass route" which was reported aircraft "official", but stressed the need for Romanian officials to specify clearly the details of this form, to avoid further tragic disappearance.But their frequency is low, especially because this area is relatively uncommon and generally avoided. Russian officials, however, disagree, they argue that these magnetic anomalies are alarming frequency (one to two days). And here is the hypothesis that these abnormalities could be gateways to parallel worlds that open only at certain times.
One of the most striking is the disappearance spent a few years ago (in 1991) has 80 people working on Russian marine platform oil extraction. The platform was connected with the shore based station, which was established a communication protocol daily. One day, without any SOS platform remained mute all attempts establishing contact.Hours later, police alerted the coastal, a military wing and made a recognition platform was discovered and recovered to 50 km away from the original place to place, drifting, without any trace of life on board and without any indication to explain the mystery disappearance of the technical team.Platform looked like a prăsiseră the 80 people in a hurry, but he has no baggage, clothing or intimate things, loosely or to clean, for example, the table where they ate! ...
Currently, the Ukrainian army carefully studying the magnetic fault moving slowly in their area, the Romanian territorial waters ... then study it and responsibilities arising from these studies will return Romanian officials ...