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dirty secrets of the Vatican

The Popes 265 so far were not all, beings without blemish. And the Vatican has not always reigned an atmosphere of humility and spiritual elevation, as you might think. Murder, incest, intrigue, deceit, are just some of the best hidden spots in the history of the papacy. Magazine "Spiegel" made a foray among the scandalous events in the distant past of the holy city, kept well hidden until now.* Crime, incest and the Holy City pornocraţieJohn VIII (872-882) was the first pope killed "on duty". Documents held in archives show that he was poisoned and beaten to death, until he breathed his last. Drama will be beginning a series of eight such crimes committed on the seat of the pontiff are St. Peter. Shocking is the story of Pope John XII (955-964), remained in public memory for splitting families, incest, passion for gaming, blasphemy and murder. In the year 963, and has been taken down from office to unworthy behavior. A year later, apparently was killed by a cuckolded husband. An adventurous gallant with women were married, however, Pope Leo III (795-816). Because of this "weakness" was followed by supporters of his predecessor, Adrian I, and thrown from his horse during a procession of 799. Enemies have tried to cut his tongue and rub, but the victim managed to run away from Frankish king Charlemagne, that the pope would crown him and Roman Emperor, the Christmas of 800. It was still unusual for sovereigns pontiffs have mistresses. On the contrary, if we think of Rodrigo de Borja (or Borgia, Italian), the future Pope Alexander VI, who had 9 children from various romantic partners. That's right, five followers - including teribilii Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, gave even Vanozza Catania, a noble Roman, who lived with his wife. The head of the Church, especially by a corrupt conclave, remained to this day synonymous with lack of scruples, favoritism and immorality. For him, more important than the interests of the institution that the minister was to consolidate power and advantageous to marry children. No interference in Church affairs metreselor was not a rarity. Especially Anna, wife of Consul Theophilact marked the history of the papacy, managing to promote her lover, the Archbishop of Ravenna, the pontifical chair and building so-called "pornocraţie". Her daughter, Maróz, became the mistress of Pope Sergius III just 15 years, măritându the then three times to enhance their influence. Funny thing is that the head of the Church were to come later and Maroziei son, John XI, and her grandson, John XII. Also, Pope Benedict VIII, John XIX and Benedict IX were their hearts, Maroziei descendants.* The body tried and convicted!In terms of deception - even with noble purpose, Pope Stephen II ((752-757) proved master. At a meeting with Frankish king Pepin (nicknamed "the Short" because its shorter stature), the pontiff presented a forged document, which guarantee the security of property of the Holy See of Rome. Pope appeared to Pepin, Charlemagne's father, an act which he claimed was the donation of Emperor Constantine. In fact, the document was misrepresented even by Stephen II century and backdated. King Pepin, illiterate, was very impressed with the paper in question and gave the sovereign protection desired. Pepin the Short gives papal territories around Rome conquered the Lombards (Exarchate of Ravenna and the duchy of Rome). Gift this , known in history as donation pepiniană (756), seal the alliance between Church and head of Pepin, the Frankish Church reforms subordinating it to the pope. more shocking than the case of Stephen II was the Pope Formosus (891-896). accusing him of usurping posthumously, his successor, Pope Stephen VI (896-897), ordered his corpse unearthed, putting off the pontifical robes and cut fingers that bless the people, then his body was thrown into the Tiber and Formosus perjury and was declared illegitimate. Later, Stephen VI himself was put in prison, where people were poisoned and strangled him. Pope Romanus, successor Stephen VI and Pope John IX then century have restored memory of Formosus.* Elected sovereign pontiff to 12 years, twice removedThe first pope was Peter, whose pontificate lasted as 34 or 37 years. Peter had a martyr's death and the place where his remains were buried St. Peter's Cathedral was built later. Next in order of longevity in office was Pope Pius IX (1846-1878): 31 years and 7 months. "Podium" was completed by John Paul II (1978-2005): 26 years and 176 days. In contrast, the least they stayed in the forefront of the Church Urban VII, 15 September to 27 September 1590 (13 days), the king fell ill with malaria ponif, Boniface VI, 15 days in April 1896, and Celestine IV, October 25 to November 10, 1241 (17 days). It seems that the list of popes was deleted some but Stephen, who died just four days of your choice, in 752, making the seizure before it to have enjoyed the enthronement ceremony.Neither his predecessor John Paul II, Pope John Paul I, did not stay only 33 days in office, dying of a heart attack. Numerous conspiracy theories have circulated and still circulate on this sudden death. All records in the category can be entered and the appointment of Benedict IX as pope in 103, at the age of just 12 years! He was the nephew of Pope Benedict VIII (1012-1024) and Pope John XIX (1024-1032), member of a powerful family. The death of Pope John XIX in 1032, Benedict's father, Alberic, caused his election by bribery, manipulation and threats. Benedict IX was dismissed twice as many scandal, but returned skilful. One of the successors, Clement II died probably poisoned by men of Benedict IX, which is installed as pope, but the German king, Henry III, crowned Holy Roman Emperor, dismiss it, consecrating Pope Damasus I in II. And John XII (955-964) reached the very young at the head of the Church: he was only 16-17 years.* Papi kidnapped, exiled, sent to forced laborInstead, Pontian (230-235) was the first sovereign pontiff who resigned. During the persecution of Christians under Emperor Maximian Trax, St. Pontian was exiled to Sardinia and condemned to work in salt mines. So he resigned from the position of pope on 28 September 235. St. Pontian was martyred in 236 or 237, from the suffering endured in the mine. Another resigned pope was St. Celestine V, especially the July 5, 1294. With 84 years, he could face time pressures nobles, so that at 13 December 1294 resigned and returned to the monastery. His successor, Pope Boniface VIII, sent to jail to prevent him from returning to the throne. On the other hand, St. Silveriu, which was established in June 1 536, was the first pope to force quit. In March 537, Byzantine empress Theodora seized and removed from Rome that approved the appointments of bishops heretics made it. Pope was exiled to the island of Palmaria, where he remained a prisoner until his death on 11 November 537. So it happened to Martin I, 649.* Other oddities in the history of the papacyComplicated history of the papacy has seen a case of "inheritance" of the title. Innocent I (402-417) directly succeeded his father, Anastasius I (399-401). At that time, no rule of celibacy, for sovereigns pontiffs. It happened also that three popes simultaneously coexist! Thus, the end of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century, just arrived in Rome, Gregory XI died, and the French cardinals would choose a French pope, but the Italians, supported by the people, will be a pope of their nationality . So it comes to two popes, one in Rome, another at Avignon, a situation which has lasted 39 years, known as the Western Schism (1378-1417). The Pope listened to all Catholic countries, except France, Portugal, Spain and Scotland, who heard the antipapa of Avignon. To end the division, is called the Council of Pisa, which deposed the Pope of Rome and one in Avignon, choosing a third pope, Alexander V (1409), followed by John XXIII, with residence at Pisa. These three popes (tricephalic Church) is fucking each other and cause confusion, each calling his own bishops. Intervention Emperor Sigismund IV of Germany, all three - Gregory XII in Rome, Benedict XIII from Avignon and John XXIII of Pisa, gave up his position, accepting his election as Pope Martin V (1417-1431) . Among the oddities that marked the Vatican's past included the death of Pope Leo I (440-461) ... in the toilet, the council during a break, but the legend of Pope Joan (John VIII Anglicus), which would have reached the pontifical throne in 855 , disguising themselves in man. Cover-up emerged when the "Papes", became pregnant with one of jacks, grabbed her travail during a procession, being stoned by angry crowds. The story is denied by historians Vatican officials, but they still support Stercoraria Headquarters, a strange drill marble chair, which was discovered in the Lateran Basilica "St. John". Each pope was obliged, before the investiture, to sit in this chair for a touch ... to push sex. Once completed the inspection, the one who made exclaimed: Duos habet et pendentes benefit ("has two and hung it").* Peter Boccadiporco was one of the first popes who have changed names during the pontificate civil (as Boccadiporco mean in translation, mouth pork). He remained in the history of the papacy as the Sergiu IV. In turn, Virgil Pope (537-555) would be bought pontifical chair £ 700 the amount of gold received by the Empress Theodora of Byzantium. Those who have been forced Rome General Belizarie, which Virgil has not previously never paid the amount promised.