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The discovery of Bucegi

"Future with skull and crossbones" amazed especially by revealing unknown realities, which invites us to the enigmatic areas of life and human civilization.In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of ​​Bucegi, Department Zero team (a secret section of the Romanian Intelligence Service - SRI), made an epochal discovery that could completely change the destiny of mankind.Tremendous diplomatic pressure coming from the U.S. on the Romanian Government for not disclosing the whole world this discovery led to a temporary agreement between the two countries and an unprecedented collaboration of scientific and military special team went to Sea Shipping. The implications are far more complex, due to brutal interference of the Order of Illuminati occult who sought to take control of both the location discovery and the Romanian-American expedition.Expert in studying and researching strange phenomena and also leader of strategically important operations exceptional Romanian State, Caesar is hero Brad shocking events that occurred in Bucegi, but also two memorable meetings with leading representatives of the Illuminati, Bilderberg member.Intention of the author (Radu Cinamar) was to simply and concisely express certain facts and events of paramount importance for the Romanian people because already there are signs and evidence that a hidden poison tends to grind conscience and soul of the Romanian people. And not only because that view is supported by many other high officials in government, economics, culture and church. Radu Cinamar informs us about some of the biggest state secret in Romania may be the most terrible secret of the planet. S approach is recognized from the first page, namely annihilation thick wall of concealment, hiding and lying maintained liability factors and occult interests of certain organizations and individualscountry and beyond.Teleportation or mysterious disappearances in Buzau MountainsIn 1981 the Department Zero, which, while being part of SRI activity is more or less independent, was asked to intervene in a mountainous area in Intorsura Buzau. The area was very secluded and almost uninhabited. Two brothers are trained climbers climbing a rock high and relatively isolated mountainous area with steep walls. One of them climbed up on to three-quarters of the height of the rock, where he noticed some strange signs carved in stone and almost eroded by time. When he came up the narrow platform of rock, leaned down and picked up a strange yellow object resembling a chain, but the next moment suddenly disappeared under the astonished gaze of his brother who is down to the rock. A militia was alerted, parents were told, are theBraila. Initially, authorities suspected him, the one who called, because they hide the truth. But father brothers were mountaineer, he climbed the rock, pick up objects, and instantly disappeared in front of more than ten witnesses.Arrived immediately on the spot several security officers from Bucharest, DZ announced that evening. The area was isolated by a military team to a distance of one mile around the rock. Representatives of other Departments of Safety were held with villagers and peace eyewitness misinformation.The next day a helicopter was used to investigate the rock above that. The object was a kind of leverage embedded in the stone cliff. No one knows who, how, and why he did. Writing on the rock remained unknown. The signs looked very old. Inexperienced and pressed the panic created, those responsible have dynamited the rock. But instead they continued to remain a transparent light green outline, like a mist slightly. After a few days later, he disappeared, forever.A confirmation of these events (described by Radu Cinamar in his book, published in summer 2004) is found even in a newspaper (daily newspaper) which is related at length about the mysterious disappearance. Here is a significant quote: "The first reference to such disappearances Dan Fodor makes in Science Monitor. He tells about two Braila (source asked the reporter not to reveal her name), who, in 1980, went to the hamlet Nucu but, in a place called "The Tahar", one of them thought to be a climb on one of the rocks with strange shapes in the area. using climbing equipment, the young man climbed to the top, where he shouted to friend her: "Look what I found." bent, lifted what appeared to be a metal chain and ... disappeared. a while, the left lower expected his friend to stop with the jokes, then convinced that something terrible happened. The Disappeared said brother, who arrived inBraila with a team of ten guys, some of them working in the Ministry of Interior. Disappeared brother even went to the rock. A metal chain he found that the high and ... and he disappeared. Nobody has dared to repeat the "figure". The two brothers looked in vain for the neighborhood, I have never occurred. "In spring 1990, Caesar was appointed technical director Brad of diabetes, and in 1992 was clarified the relationship between diabetes and the Presidency. The president ordered the total subordination and politicization of diabetes, but Caesar presented some of the shocking realities that have been discovered over time and their enormous implications in the stability of the country, so that President confusion gave way similar to the old agreement, the DZ is quasi-independent.
A Bilderberg in RomaniaIn May 2003, Caesar was visited by an important character for a particular discussion, the meeting request came through SRI, as a result of government intervention. The person was a foreigner, but spoke very well aware of Romania and Romanian. SRI knew only that he was part of a very important Masonic lodge in Italy, that has a high ranking noble and has a strong financial influence in Romania. Perhaps his political relations were also very high-ranking since managed to penetrate the wall and reach RIS by DZ structure. Caesar confesses he collected an obscure kind of weight and pressure that correlate with this person. He realized then, for the first time, the nature of the meeting: an uphill battle for the already felt heavy radiation that man, like a cloud that enveloped unpleasant and hid her true intentions. For this meeting, Caesar prepared thoroughly, isolating themselves in a room and entering a state of deep meditation, to learn more about the person.As water as steam can be transformed, by lowering the temperature, the ice, just as, analog speaking, takes place and the information that comes to materialize in the physical, from the highest level, of ideas . Environment in which ideas are subtle ether remain universal, but it is ether which modern science calls. From the subtle reality of this plane of ideas from all things and phenomena, all thoughts, material of any kind and anything with name and form is reflected in the physical.In its primary stage, information is a particular form of vibrating energy, specific to each aspect separately. To know something, just to access information on its level of vibration, which is part of the endless ocean of energy vibration frequencies of universal ether. This is the most difficult, because it is necessary to have the subtle ether universal right of conscience, and in addition, have the ability to select accurately the multitude of vibration frequencies, the one that interests you.A mind focused, well prepared and purified by vicious and stray thoughts have the power to reach the universal ether. True art is to select the correct frequency of vibration particular you're looking for, like when you want to catch a radio station and move the cursor on the frequency scale of the device. Everything is sounding. Resonance between you, as receiver of information, and issues of interest, as transmitter of information. Obviously, all this involves proper training and perseverance, but the results are as. It is necessary to work a long intense practice, which primarily involves elevation of the particular consciousness. But back to the strange character.SRI A helicopter brought this gentleman, tall, wearing a black suit and elegant dress, but proud. He had a cane with an ivory handle and gold inlay. His face expressed strength and green eyes had a strange effect, radiating an unusual cold. It was presented as the senior Massini. He was very sure of himself and give the impression of people who used to give orders. He was leading one of the most venerable major masonic lodge in Europe and was part of the most influential Masonic organization in the world: the Bilderberg Group.An invitation can not be refusedMassini went straight into the topic by saying that people are of two kinds: those that can be manipulated and led (mostly), and others - who have certain virtues and a strong personality. Venerable said that the group that is the highest part of the Masonic order and is very interested in the outcome of the discussion. Caesar said he knows some aspects of Freemasonry: the organization is strictly hierarchical pyramid model, initiation rituals is very hidden and his true intentions are secret and totally unknown to most people. Massini Master recognized that the most powerful Masonic lodge in the world, and that this must remain a closely guarded secret for most.Bilderberg is not itself a lodge, but is much more than that. As usual there is a hierarchy lodges in thirty-three degrees, with well defined criteria, but the lodge is a kind of front to outsiders. The real power far exceeds the thirty-third hierarchical level. Massini Caesar invited to join the group, letting him understand that you have many advantages. Massini Veberabilul show a vital power and unusual mental force, in contrast to that age that was. Unfortunately, the radiation of subtle - that he was ever able to dominate the common people, physically or mentally weak or labile - was centered around a huge ego, the arrogance and sense of superiority over others.Massini said he requested a meeting with Caesar the power and the relationship they have, because they know the forces and capabilities of Caesar's action, recognizing that greatly values ​​these things, especially if Caesar will serve the interests of the group. Caesar's question about the main purpose for inviting him to join the Bilderberg group, Massini cold he replied - Caesar - not in a position to choose, and he did not intend to enter the Bilderberg group, but in one of the world's highest Masonic Lodges immediately subordinate Bilderbergers. He concluded by saying that he has no choice but to accept the collaboration. Caesar decided to deceive the vigilance of the lord, and under the guise of accepting the proposal, to learn more about the backstage world of masonry. Massini started:Initiation into the secrets of power"Our Venerable masters of the past have had a great vision, overall, the final situation, which is now very close. They were the mean interests greedy, selfish, but rather to strengthen the foundation masonry, adapting over her time guiding principles according to the specific human evolution. Why would they care only and their families? However had the most money, most wealth and the best living conditions. not legaseră each oath to help and support each other when needed? They were the real architects who have initiated and established the principles according to which the present social system. Linked to these architects who designed the entire plan for the past several thousand years, I can not reveal more because it is a terrible secret that even the Bilderberg group does not know all. On top of our hierarchy are the only descendants of the royal family tree line hundreds and thousands of years. We are very careful to avoid interfering with other races. These royal families in Europe and bankers of the late Middle Ages. They have realized that community life is based on leadership. ""There are two groups: the great mass of people or crowd, and the ruling elite is trying to maintain the smooth running of the sheep flock. This simple observation was based on their entire plan. Because there were always antagonistic interests, opposite, between the two groups had arranged things so that these conflicting interests to never disappear completely, ie there is never true peace between people. For this they have served in various ways both groups, but without them know it. Our enlightened pushed skill and ability of such intrigue to perfection to go with one foot in each of the two boats, and yet not fall into water! "The discovery of Bucegi II"Money and the lower nature of man to yield to the temptations offered to them always assured success, and it was this recipe that used intrigue, lies, temptation and deceit, to allow expansion of our influence around the world.""But why do this? Simple: the main reason was and will always grab power! Almost all finance world bank belong to us thanks mazes I've woven in centuries past. Money, money, more money! A fixed idea had spread everywhere. But for the money you have to work, time-consuming action! I made a vicious circle without solving: people come to work for us, always attracted to exhaustion of money that are spent but very quickly due to temptations of all kinds exacerbated by advertising. "Blackmail and bankruptcy"Even if there are some very rich people in the world that are not part of our lodges, they are not a threat because they are alone, and do not follow a precise, large-scale. In most but they still attract beginning their career in the organization and thus increase our power, those who refuse not stand alone. If you are a threat to us, we are joining forces to cause bankruptcy. objective is that that person be defeated. Usually, when the verge of total collapse, they offer a chance once they initially refused. In most cases he accepts. follow such a comeback in business, but the person must meet certain conditions from our farms, we do not can avoid. ""We always win. Whether an influential politician to support our interests or a big businessman whose money they manage us in our paths. We are interested in creating as many such vicious circles. So we formed cell society - the family - we tied it tightly endless chain of dependencies: work, home, comfort, car, bank contracts. role of vicious circles is addictive sour, because when there is dependency, there is freedom. dependence attract automatically enslavement, the limitation, people should be as limited and mechanical in their actions, which have become stereotyped. Therefore we imposed work divided into domains and subdomains. If the requirement is simple job, man soon becomes a kind of robot to hear what he says and does what is ordered. "Media propaganda"We need people to think as little, because otherwise they can become dangerous ideas are born to be contrary to our goals. I allowed such technology to capture the masses by some means (whose absence would seem to us now a disaster): TV, phone, computer. In addition to population addiction to them, gave us the means and control dissemination of information. ""Information is the first in terms of weapons that act in the world. Controlling means and media institutions, default control the content and quality of information. Main objective was to obtain greater control over the trust of press radio and television in the world. ""But as this was not enough control of the population, we began to support the shadow distribution of drug proliferation. It is well known that they, along with tobacco, alcohol and coffee, destroy human body, but we deliberately maintain a so actual combat against them, which has only further enhance their use. We have created huge corporations manufacturing cigarettes, drinks and coffee. Almost all the presidents and owners of these giants in the business world are venerable members in lodges the highest of our organization. ""It is already difficult to control more than six billion people. A lot is especially handy since it's scattered and confused. If, in addition, it does not exceed a certain number of people, then it is quite simple , given the mental manipulation technology we have available. ""One of the main goals was to stop the proliferation of people on the planet. Moreover, should drastically decrease the world population. For this method we needed to kill in a short time a large number of people. I-secret research projects funded to produce extremely virulent viruses. Some experiments have failed, others were content with our results. ""If something or someone is opposed, can not stand long against us. Our weapons are never shown his face. They almost always wears a coat humanitarian. Base to give us sources of manipulation is a state constitution. Composition it is a real science of psychology and human manipulation, so our representatives took part in designing constitutions main states of the world powers. constitutions must have a humanitarian way, pompous, but to hide their depth and undermining effective methods of population control. "Great revolutions and world wars"Conflicts, revolutions and wars have been for us a real and huge source of revenue and a way to manage and maintain our influence and power worldwide. Speculate any economic difficulty, especially in less developed countries. Due to influence bank we have operated from the shadows and the state leadership as we do and if the enemy State. not ever get involved in one side, because the result may be uncertain. current period is especially suited to create conflicts of order ethnically and economically. ""Almost all international organizations (political or military) have Masonic origins. Our Venerable is placed in key points is exactly our plans. UN and NATO have proved salutary decisions when deciding their training.""All these things seem so absurd and grotesque wear a garment so that the charges we may make it appear in a light downright hilarious! Is one of the essential points of our doctrine. To work towards the plan established, but also to make it appear that your actions are opposing the plan! Therefore we do not want to be publicized, do not want honors, fame or public recognition, because they are transient and, moreover, are even directed us through control levers we have in the media. ""Our success lies in the fact that we form a group and not solely for individual action. Our actions are always correlated with a specific purpose and mutual aid and total discretion is essential to success. In fact our order rules and vows are very strict and harsh penalties. "Disclosure Freemasonic plans"I think that hearing these things you can make known the world? Who you think you might be able to listen without you as crazy? Freemasonry has always been taboo, and instead we attribute great ideas or social trends or cultural, to opted for secrecy, mystery, withdrawal, action background. Few have heard of the name Mason or Freemason, and anyway have no idea what it really means. ""Obviously, we know already that there are many, especially intellectuals, who know some truth about ourselves and that we can not lie, but compared to the rest of the population, stupefied by the social system we've created and especially the information that direct him almost entirely, these intellectuals are really a minority. In addition, they are dispersed and indirect threat warnings that we send. So, even if some know our true intentions, will adopt a passive attitude, considering that they are powerless, the momentum, the possibilities to act effectively. They then take the victim version lament: "I know, but what can I do? Are bound hand and foot! I think we have a chance. "In this way, much of the population that could cause us great difficulties, has already made weapons before battle."Denigration, lies, manipulation"If there is still someone who wants to attack us and to show the reality of our actions, we have many means of settling. They always start by submitting a false news, negative about that person, because we tightly control media . Readers learn about those things false negative. Even if the next few days appears to contradict the story, an apology, that has already been consumed. First is not necessarily the one who read the fake news on reading the next day retraction. Second, we speculate vicious tendency of man to be more centered on sensational news negative character. ""We know too well the influence of such suggestions terrible negative impact on the emotional nature of man. We know that they are destroying the harmonious energy aura, making a subtle form of psychological stress level, and lower positive perceptions of human vibration. All this we serve our interests very well, because they get tired and it debusolează people, makes them short and shallow vigilance. ""We realize such a goal I always pursued: increasing social entropy, leading to an almost total confusion. We always serve contradictory news, containing sinister, deeply negative, support and invigorate books with puerile or fantastic subjects but attract interest minds to capture weak, which is seeking the sensational. We made sure that this editorial to proliferate and even be accepted by the population, we now consider very valuable. ""Economic and social system that we imposed strongly encourages competition in its incongruous appearance, unfair competition and calls stimulate consumption of goods as possible. This concern and agitation crazy man who always keeps busy and tense, not only lead to a significant reduction of moral and ethical values ​​in life, that the perversion of human nature. "Movies and porn? Full!"We encourage and support the proliferation of aberrant sexuality in its forms and child to unimaginable limits, because we found that the strength and virility man and woman's intuition and sensitivity diminishes quickly when confronted with such evil practices. Thus man becomes labile, yield can be controlled quickly and easily. ""We pay special attention to young people, because if you want a tree has no fruit, it must still dry when brood. Shift to broadcast movies exacerbated violence, horror movies or sadistic scenes. To encourage their view we use a lot of publicity, which became the heart of trade. We stimulated the highest population tends to consume. This is just a disease of modern man. Even if it needs something, he to buy, and buy and buy. It's not easy to become rich and almost impossible to do the honest way. Therefore the wealthy class is the most distorted and perverted social class. their dishonest determined to have secret, and when a man has no secrets, there are also obligations to others, especially by blackmail. we are the creators of this situation. "Romania in 2003
"Consideryour country. Here we have people installed very easily, because we were able to speculate the transition from a totalitarian system, whose base everything we have put in an apparent freedom of action. After the revolution of your country, I had only to wait and to encourage economic disaster, and especially corruption and temptation in the glare Romanians money. Almost all have fallen. I began to act and politically. We must make sure that the main job of Parliament and government are occupied by older people, infirm, easy to handle. Our efforts were minimal, because greed and greed for money, coupled with great cowardice and duplicity, made the most of your politicians a bunch despicable. ""And why all this? For absolute power. Power domination of the world must come quickly in our hands."The discovery of Bucegi IIICaesar realized that global Freemasonry sought to acquire in a short time control of a secret location Bucegi, excluding any form of publicity and wanting even concealing the existence of this place gradually to power in Bucharest, after the representatives of the elite had access there. As always in major state secrets, the leaks could endanger the entire action as there were parties who were not fully controlled by Masons. Just two weeks after the second meeting with the venerable Massini, Caesar told the author that wants to be sure that the necessary information will be published for them to come to the attention of Romanians. There was an amazing period of tense and the novelty of discovery that was made Bucegi.
Laziness and inactivity: perfect for MasonryTo control and manipulate the world's population, elite Masonic uses inertia, laziness and mental darkness that most people who have inner strength necessary to stop their bad habits and negative tendencies. Masons handles with ease the lack of reaction energy, the slowness, inertia, obscurantism. In such situations masonry generates almost a real drowsy collective interests it serves very well. Freemasonry shares - which in some high Masonic circles involves performing complex rituals of black magic - is made even remotely, and those who are more sensitive to these energies înlănţuitoare, oppressive, they easily fall victims to a Gliding sleep as bizarre as lead. This is not just about physical sleep, but a kind of state are included abulic people that makes them become obedient, obedient, and behave like puppets. The ideal condition in which they can be controlled and led without resistance. Masonic organizations have almost all the levers of action in society by vehemently attacking all that is spiritual, authentic, true, aiming to transform humanity into a kind of mechanism that you can live act and will result in exactly as will.There are many different views, contradictions and misunderstandings between the various Masonic lodges in the world. One of the great hoax that made Masonic elite is to create the impression that two or more Masonic lodges are fighting each other. In fact, the top of their pyramid structure forming the great masters Freemasons ruling elite means well, but at its base appear to be enemies. The idea is to create confusion and confusion, knowing that they sleep vigilance man. In fact, it is an evil trick: he who falls into its place without being informed, will not choose one of the lodges believing that bad, but will choose the other which thinks it's good. But this is only appearance, in fact Freemasonry is and remains the same regardless of fireworks use. You have to trust and be persistent Year beneficial actions that achieve them.Freemasonry does its headIn Romania, especially in recent years, Freemasonry acts almost at will. Poor people that is kept in ignorance and manipulated, not even suspect that is because of the tragedy that has always lived under the eyes and sorrow. If this true hydra (masonry) would be defeated, then there is a rapid recovery in all respects, the entire planet. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in the West not to notice how careful handling - some very obvious - of Masonry. Apathetic and selfish, most prefer to isolate themselves in a strange form of hibernation town with the wrong impression that guides their own lives.Even if you are about evil actions committed by Masons, prefer to deny the convenience, or to rely on the fact that others will take action in their place. Moreover, it adheres to certain guidelines a satanic crass ignorance are infused and encouraged by Masonry through raging rock, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and materialistic concepts. In these conditions gradual but steady brutalization of human beings becomes devoid of will and determination of its own, it's pretty easy for Freemasonry to fulfill the plan.In ourcountry situation is identical. People like sleep, not lucid. Even if there were published some basic information about Freemasonry and its global plans, inertia and sleepiness of people has grown so much that very few people who deign to believe that what is said is true Masonry that is a cruel reality. They find it so monstrous and incredible, that a subconscious impulse of fear and self-preservation, they prefer to believe that perhaps the situation is not quite as bad as described, so prefer to close their shell again to remain on the inertia of which were included before.The situation is even worse than that in which they knew little about the satanic plans of Masonry, because to know and yet not to act according to what you know is a great cowardice and a serious violation of basic moral code. Not bad at not knowing, but knowing a fool who, acting as if they knew.Masonic symbols and slogansThere are some symbols that Masonry uses and are well known, such as compasses and trowel. Others are hidden: all-seeing eye pyramid on top of them, represented not by chance the billU.S. dollar. In addition to symbols, estimates are very important Freemasonic Lodges Masonic followers, and one of them is "The chaos to order". Analyzing the current situation in the world soberly and Romania, the puncture of socially, economically and politically, it appears that this chaos is structured so as to ensure the gradual establishment of the new world order, which is not told Masonic New Order - for that ignorant to not know who are its creators - only New Order.Another principle that it applies strictly Freemasons is "All for one and one for all". Compliance with this requirement confers a state of oneness, an Orta and considerable tenacity. If people in Romania would express the same state of tenacity, the same driving force and the same systematic engagement as if Masons present situation would be different.The acting in Masonic lodges are almost implacable in their decisions. An order in Freemasonry are not discussed since the time of the organization, those who receive swear horrible and perverse ritual performed by effectively committed to a total submission and obedience, otherwise agreeing to be killed.Freemasonry is unique occult group that has political purposes. When the elite member of a Masonic Lodge promotes a high position in organozaţie, it has some hidden criteria which realizes that the person is sufficiently modeled in the demonic actions. It's almost incredible how much human misery can be above the top of their hierarchical pyramid. But everything is polished and made to appear bright and noble, through the fabulous wealth they hold, relations, influence and control that we have in the world.The truth begins to revealWhat could cause the greatest Masons of the world to focus with so much interest to Romania! There are some very secret prophecies made by the two great Christian saints in the past century and refers to the future of Romania in the context of all mankind. There is also a very valuable parchment vast Vatican library that exposes the same problem with Romania, the situation almost inconceivable mentality and big ego states and world powers.The secret archives of the Museum of History in Vienna is a very old document which sets extremely distant historical past and also fabulous civilization that existed at that time in Romania. So here's all these different sources covering the same things. There are many aspects that correlate. Prophecy says that is a matter of just a few years until the signs that will draw attention to that area.Freemasons are very careful in this country because they know that the biggest problem for them, the planet, this is the place. They themselves know very well prophecies about the future of Romania and I know that most problems will be even in this part of the globe. This explains their intrigues and machinations behind the scenes in the country's economy and politics, in order to ensure that control and generate the kinds of strange groups that support them and fund them with fabulous amounts of money. In these groups they attract naive people with a weak character, but hungry for easy gains, which are even willing to sell their soul just to succeed in the so-called high society and wealth. The purpose of these mini-organization is to block any attempt of spiritual development and social and economic normality of the population, while creating the impression that their work is very hard in these areas.Insistence that venerable act Massini show that the issue was of utmost importance for Freemasonry and for allthe country. Why did not intervene Massini senior diplomatic channels very high official? Masonic elite did not want no publicity on this issue. In addition, they have some political influence limits, which vary from country tothe country. Therefore, keeping a firm in the discovery of secret Bucegi, was of utmost importance.Masonry keep Romania in the mudThey have every incentive to keep these people in a degree of poverty and stupidity that has reached unbelievable. Their policy has become quite obvious lately. Almost did not even bother to hide it, appearances were maintained only by hypocrisy and lies that shows limitless contempt and total lack of respect for the nation. Their strange and cunning policy aims to secătuiască material these people and bring him to that state of total dependence abulic, requiring all kinds of foreign aid loans that bind.The main goal is to keep people in this odd state. In many cases they succeeded. If things continue like this and there will be a revival of elements of liability, it is possible that the critical condition to continue and even increase. It is therefore important that people know the causes underlying this situation there are national and even global. It's like an avalanche effect that - after reaching a critical point of 5% of the population - the development would be exponential resulting in open mind and awaken others.The discovery of Bucegi IVIn their ignorance, many people act involuntarily consensus Freemasonic directives, without suspecting that are dirty game of Masonic groups. They, using intermediaries, are very virulent and insidious. In this way, they do not have a responsibility, and if things go as they watched, they always blame the intermediary, pointing and incriminându it for their crimes.Disclosure masonry plansWhat would be the most appropriate ways to neutralize the force of evil and diabolical plans of Freemasonry? First, the disclosure of plans and evil actions of Freemasonry, such as they are known to all men. Although their actions are insidious and mostly oriented to block, for example, has any brilliant ideas or inventions that could improve people's livelihood of the people. They are the ones that give indications as to counteract the invention, and exasperation as the inventor and his bringing in a total state of depression, stress and helplessness. That is why many prefer to leavecountry and to provide exceptional intellectual capabilities in other parts of the world. Political and economic situation of the country shows that Masons act exactly as their plans.Freemasonry promotes corruptionThey always seek to promote more straw men, corrupt men, and even to establish a general atmosphere of corruption, just to then to ensure that infiltration to ensure their success they are dirty games. If placed in key positions as intransigent and people of good will, they could not admit of intrigue, games and miseries which infest backstage politics and economy. But that things sluggish, although for years are trials, changes, replacements, commitments, promises, shows the true face of Masonic influence which deliberately maintain a state of tension in the country through lies and hypocrisy. Public unmasking Masonic gamesThe people become more lucid and advised by Freemasonic plans, the sooner they will oppose its dirty games. Then be made publicly expose the evil intentions of Masonry. Masonry policy is undermining people's hope. The main purpose is to generate a negative state of absence of hope in people, the lack of confidence of the people. But when a large crowd is hope that cultivates, nourishes and maintains the enthusiasm, it creates a huge current of spiritual force.If an idea deeply beneficial include the masses, then it generates a huge wave of positive energy that can be very key to turning this nation. Masons work extremely virulent and maximum rigor in the media (which I have total control) when some people or groups are known world horrifying truth about their actions and intrigues. Masons from the top looking for then by all means to destroy those persons or organizations, taking advantage of the credulity Tampere common man can be manipulated easily.A second meeting with the venerable MassiniA second meeting with the great Massini Mason heldluxurious villa of foreign diplomats. Although the meeting lasted longer than an hour, the information provided by Massini was like a bombshell. He said he has secret information that comes directly from the Pentagon Staff, and that this information refers to a certain place in Romania.Confessing that Bilderberg is the most important representatives of political bodies, economic and U.S. military said that there are several occult groups whose power is very high. Beyond even these powerful groups, which oversees the elite formations are life science and technology around the globe, the world economy and global political trends. Above all is the Bilderberg group. Whatever is most important and discovers the planet is notified immediately of the global elite. This was the case with secret observations regarding Romania.Pentagon spying by satellitesThe Pentagon has several classified military and intelligence programs geodetic, geostationary satellites using more high tech. One of them, based on bionic technology and the form of waves, he saw in 2002 a special structure in a specific area of ​​Bucegi. First, the gap was identified in correspondence with the outside munteluinu but started directly from within the mountain at some distance from its slope. Second, take the form of a tunnel suddenly very regular allowances to the center of the mountain at an angle of 26 degrees. Tunnel route plan was perfect. The third element of the Pentagon team made him think.Satellite scanning the mountain revealed two major structural blockages inside solid rock that bordered the beginning and end of the tunnel and rejected any survey or analysis, as if to protect something there. Dams were artificial energy: the first was the plan as a wall, a wall that blocked access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, which is at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Massini recognized that there is something extremely important and was very well protected. Whole-hemisphere tunnel was in a plane parallel to the ground, and the dam is vertical hemispherical corresponding rocks on the ridge called Babele. In fact, vertical ended at about 40 meters from Old Women and Sphinx of Bucegi.A similar structure in IraqPentagon team observed that the dam hemispherical energy has exactly the same vibrational frequency and the same shape as that of a very secret underworld other structure which they had discovered before, near theBaghdad, Iraq. Shortly after the discovery of the basement Iraq war broke out after a few months Americans had access, the greatest secret in the area, which Iraqis knew nothing. Whatever they tried, failed to penetrate the wall energy and the whole operation was held in the greatest secrecy.Mysterious past of the planetMassini also said that what was there was about the planet's mysterious past and the history of their organization. The Pentagon noted that the investigation data similarity between underground structure nearBaghdad and the restless inner Bucegi heavily on those elite Masons. Initially almost became panic. Panic was the fact that this structure - much larger and more complex than Iraq - is in Romania. Correlating this with some aspects of Romania's future reach a correct view of the concerns that we now have great Masons. However much they would like to hide it, actions and intentions abundantly shows otherwise.A great mystery was how they managed those who built the structure and goals to achieve directly inside the mountain, without a match outside. Massini provided correct plan to reach the tunnel, as it was calculated by experts in the Pentagon. Earliest possible breakdown was 60-70 meters from the first energy barrier, on the mountainside. Venerable guaranteed ultra sophisticated technological support U.S. military to achieve breakthrough to the first barrage of energy. It was a very powerful device for high speed drilling of rock that used a strong plasma jet and a rotating magnetic field. Massini but required strict observance of secrecy and firm's presence in that place when mountain breakthrough.Daily newspaper published an extensive article about Bucegi and oddities reported in the area. Here is an extract significant: "Logs. Mountain peaks immersed in clouds. Cross Caraiman proudly push sky. Nothing could foreshadow secular nature that peace could be disturbed by unusual events. Traian Trufin known that it's all appearance. Here lived the strangest stories. is convinced that under our Carpathians there is another world. Bucegii are considered by experts a very strong point energy. assumptions were issued to the existence of underground galleries, tests were made radiesthesy . Research has shown that the energy is charged more than any other in Romania. Traian Trufin, museum conservator at the Museum "Cezar Petrescu" of Logs, journalist and researcher of strange phenomena that he witnessed, tried to find some explanation. ""In 1993, two weeks, in the south of the city, people were sleeping, regardless of age. I thought that the emissions are emissions from the paper mill. Not by a long shot. Was strange that although not sleeping, people did not feel tired. I have confirmed that at least 20 people, "says curator. Some locals have come to live the true state of euphoria. The events took place only at night. After all freaked out, they have ceased as suddenly as had appeared. ""Then they started earthquakes. Paradoxically, this could not be located in Bucegi nor had any connection with Vrancea seismic source. Series of earthquakes began in 1994 and took three years." Is produced at fixed times: at 20 and 3 am. Every day, invariably. But earthquakes were not proper. Manifested by other laws. They had a small area: Azuga - Logs - Sinaia. Sometimes contained only a quarter of the logs. Earth could be heard a roar as it would have collapsed the ceiling of a cave under your feet. There is no horizontal movement or vertical, "says Traian. He counted over 100 such earthquakes.""I had some ham helmets. They received in a radio program. But I noticed that only in the logs. Coming out of the city, to Bucharest and Brasov, not tuning anything. I think there is a strong energy field in which amplify the signals radio, "said Traian. He also noticed other strange phenomena. Around Cross Caraiman halos often appear strange and even holograms."Trajan believe that all anomalies in Logs are stymied by underground galleries in the bowels of the mountains. These huge underground tunnels are artificial in nature and civilization were dug nepământene. And there are experiences, the hotspot is in the cross of Caraiman. That explains the thunder accompanying earthquakes. or receiving radio waves emitted not from the ether, but in these corridors. Who makes those strange amplifications, for what purpose, for those whom are bizarre radio communications, Traian can not answer. "My belief is that there is another world underground. Most commonly referred to the surface world. Their information is very broad spectrum. I do not know what kind of activity out there and why will not communicate. Probably because humanity is not yet ready to understand some things ", says geologist. Hopes that the phenomena will increase and eventually become a way of communication between the two civilizations. However, is more than lack of satisfactory explanations that offered a far scientists. ""Valentina visionary, blind woman who can make a diagnosis of Science and by phone, claims to have found their own methods that an important stream of energy, supplying the same quality as the complex of Giza, the Sphinx wash our Bucegi. And communicate with its undiscovered underground pyramids of Egypt. "There is humankind. But his humanity two thousand years ago. It's a long time ago, very much before. Bucegi Sphinx is the protector of earth on which we live. In fact, in Bucegi, the Sphinx comes a powerful stream of energy. When the earth science that will be overcome to reach under Bucegi someone will come across all these documents and important papers and where those signs, you know what to do. But this will happen only after the energy stream above will weaken, "said clairvoyant who was never in Bucegi."The discovery of Bucegi VFarewell secret!In the last days of July 2003 drilling took place inside the mountain, but everything was on the tips of state power: Farewell secret! The car first drilled by a strange deviation of the magnetic field, but then was corrected trajectory. Gallery like a subway tunnel was perfectly polished and discovered mysterious tunnel leading to the satellite. At the end of the tunnel is located near a huge stone gate is shifted by sliding to the left. Before this gate there was the famous huge energy barrier. Three people in the first special intervention team were very close to invisible barrier and touched it imprudent, dying instantly of cardiac arrest. Any object (rock, plastic, metal or wood) pretended he immediately threw the fine dust. Two generals from the Pentagon and U.S. presidential advisor were there.Grand GalleryMassini knew most about the origin of this discovery and have knowledge about at least one item that was in the Great Hall hemispherical. Beyond the formidable power dam, which caused the deaths of three people, the immense dark sky is solid. The tunnel wall in the gate area is a square of 20 cm perfectly finished that was precisely drawn an equilateral triangle pointing up. Polished square lies between huge stone gate dam invisible energy. Caesar felt that there is some compatibility between dam and that of energy, something like a mutual sympathy. Invisible hand lightly touches the surface energy barrier, Caesar felt fine skin tingling. He submitted and passed completely through the dam that had more than an inch thick. U.S. officials were absolutely stunned.Tapping triangle the square of polished rock, Caesar huge stone gate open so that the sliding silently into the wall. This single command cancel dam energy and also opened the gate of stone. Grand Gallery is now showing in all its splendor was enlightened, yet not without containing a light source. Strangely, after turning off the first energy barrier of entry into the Grand Gallery, huge hemispherical shield at the other end they turned suddenly moving to a higher level of vibration and radiation emitting great light.On closer analysis, the Grand Gallery was covered wall that seemed synthetic sensation but that has an organic part in it. Oil color but have reflections were green and even blue. Color shades had a deeply relaxing the mind and altered sensitivity to accurately assess distance. Wall material was somewhat rough to the touch but could not be any scratches or bent. Resist any attempt to break, piercing scratches or cuts. Strangely, flames of fire were absorbed within his practice, fire you can not survive on that material. Americans have recognized that the material is a strange combination of organic and inorganic matter. At 280 meters to the right gallery Cotea suddenly in an acute angle. At a greater distance in the distance see a light blue fairy, which sparkled like a star. Satellite records show a huge space at the end of the Grand Gallery, but it was also protected by an energy screen. Blue light at the end of the gallery is just the reflection of a portion of the protective shield of energy giant auditorium shaped rooms.In the basement of Iraq

In the basement structures in Iraq, it was discovered using the instructions provided by the same military spy satellite and data structure revealed Bucegi. U.S. adviser on national security issues received a secret fax that was notified that the bottom hemispherical energy shield Baghdad is suddenly activated, pulsating with great frequency. Information amazing was that his face appeared in a hologram of the planet that this sequential and progressive continent of Europe, then south-east, and then Romania Bucegi and finally locating structure inside corridor showing their great galleries and hemispherical energy shield pulsing with power. It was obvious that the two hemispherical energy shields but were a direct link so that activation of one mystery led to activation and the other. Maybe there is even such a network of underground structures worldwide.Disclosure operationsThe bad news was that the U.S. presidency was notified and contacted the Romanian diplomacy through intelligence. In only a few tens of minutes, the whole operation was disclosed. Massini lord's plan went down the drain. Initially they wanted to take political control, but our politicians who were entitled to be advised on these issues panicked and could not cope with events. Caesar decided to reveal all aspects intrigues and plans involving links with Massini. Diplomatic tension was growing more and more as Washington pressures urging Pentagon generals communication at the scene of operations.Emergency meeting of CSATTalks in Bucharest were successful in that the facts were brought to the attention of people with great moral probity and are deeply patriotic. An emergency meeting of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) has created a huge wave of sympathy for the Zero Department. Most have been shaken by what they learned then. After the CSAT decision to continue research under the Department Zero, to inventory what was in the huge hall of projections. From Bucharest, orders They spent some more than others, canceling each other, were the vehement, the elusive, and betraying great tension. CSAT members were in continuous session, keeping in touch with the Bucegi mountains. They decided to make public the discovery formidable mountains of Romania, after having first debated on all sides. The Romanian state was to make the world a formal statement. Some members CSAT opposed vehemently.Proclamation of RomaniaWhen American diplomacy was informed that Romania will send a press release World of crucial importance for humanity, everything was chaos. Nobody knew, but all suspected that something very serious and important. The President was called for a direct telephone conversation with the White House. In a few hours had blocked all transactions and agreements with international financial institutions of the Romanian state. It was expected momentarily order declaring a state of emergency in themountain and in the capital.Talks between the U.S. officials arrived in Bucharest and the emergency Romanian translators have done without. They were so violent that there were few moments of crisis in which diplomats were shouting at each other as much, proferând multiple threats of retaliation. Rest of the world knew nothing of this, and Americans knew well that there are always some very powerful countries would be united with Romania to support immediate public statement.Declaration should be included in the main data Bucegi discovery, providing evidence of the world, photos and other essential items for clarification. Was invited leading scientists to study and research. But most importantly it would have been revelations about the very distant past and the real history of mankind which was almost completely counterfeit.

"No-way!"Americans reacted strongly because that statement would be shattered in an instant planetary influence, and can be thrown into chaos economy and society of their country. This was the main reason cited by them, not to create panic. But they forget to recognize that this potential state of anxiety and social disruption would have occurred as a direct result of deliberate lies and manipulation performed for centuries by Freemasonry. He received a special intervention of the Pope who called for moderation before this great fundamental step for mankind. Pope has sent even the Romanian state will provide some ancient documents of the papal secret archives which are of great importance for Romania and evidence supports discovery of mountains. After 24 hours of talks to reach a final agreement Romanian-American cooperation in some precise terms. Position of the Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure, the presentation of their humanity gradually.Hall projectionsGrand Gallery ends abruptly in the hall inside the mountain giant who had a height of 30 meters and a length of 100 meters. Hall projections is bounded by the energy shield and is smaller than the hall of the mountain. Advancing towards the energy shield, shield the front portion is defined as adoor and becomes translucent and then disappears to enter the Hall projections. The shield is to protect the various negative influences from outside. Once inside the room, restored shield compact. Inside the shield has a white and gold.In the back, shield not reaching to the ground, as in the front: Room projections have covered half the back wall of rock. In the massive stone wall, about 10-12 meters high, are placed three enormous mouths of the tunnel: one straight ahead and the other two - symmetrical on both sides of the latter and diffuse light in a greenish tint. Access to these tunnels is strictly prohibited by secret protocol was signed between the Romanian and U.S..Tables for giant giantSince the front of the entrance hall contains several tables projections huge stone placed along the right wall, following its curvature. Similarly, there is another row along the left wall. None of the tables have a height greater than two meters. The top plate thickness are cut in relief, with precision, different signs never seen a script that resembles ancient cuneiform characters. Writing contains more general symbols such as triangle and circle. Although the signs are not painted, they come out with a small fluorescent radiation in different colors from one table to another.There are five tables on each side of the room. Some of them are objects that appear to be technical tools. For many of them down to the ground a lot of white hair who gather translucent rectangular boxes of material shiny silver outside table directly on the ground. Finally cables are extremely flexible and lightweight and small in their observed light pulses which slides along their whole length.When approaching any of the tables, they are working simultaneously on a holographic projection surface presenting issues in a particular scientific field. Dimensional images are perfect and very large, with a height of nearly two and a half meters. Rectangular surface of polished stone table is a narrow slit, several tens of centimeters long, parallel to the long side of the table appearing holographic projections. Projections while running alone but they are interactive and depend on the aims and reach their table surface.

The discovery of Bucegi VIGenetic combinationsClimbing on a tripod made special meals can be seen that the surface is covered with a film of a glassy material, dark. The film is divided into several large square bounded by straight lines, forming a kind of grid. At one table field biology projections so runs images of plants and animals, some completely unknown. Reaching one square hologram depicting the human body structure that connects the projection. Runs holographic images of various parts of the body always rotate. Other squares show projections of other beings on other celestial bodies. Touching simultaneously two different squares to depict complex scientific analysis showing DNA beings and possibilities of compatibility between them. On the side, vertical lines appear to explain the strange writing and finally mutated appears most likely, a combination of both genetic information.True giantsThose who built the entire edifice that were very high, otherwise you can not explain the huge size of all objects in the room projections.A confirmation of the giants in Romania is found in newspaper newspaper. "Team of the newspaper is accompanied by researcher Basil Rudan, who reported that" stories "of the common people Bozioru about giants who lived on those lands have concrete proof: a cemetery with skeletons of giants. It was discovered accidentally, in over 20 years ago, when it was decided that the Scaieni to plant an orchard of apple trees. digging on a hillside, villagers discovered huge skeletons, measuring about 2.40 meters, more. Dragoi Elijah, one of those who worked in the apple orchard when we go on site. By "summit" where trees had been planted, down to the steep slope, on a street flooded with mud. Once arrived, Elijah shows us around the orchard snow, that no longer bears: "Everywhere are the tombs of the giants. We would make holes to plant seedlings, while giving a head man, big as a pumpkin breeding. Nothing that had seen it. We forget all crosses. Dig further and give and some bones of the legs, as aracii alive. A giant of a man was răposatu "."There are many legends that recall the days when giants lived on Earth. Sumerian mythology, Egyptian, Hittite, Greek had a whole "chapter" of the old gods wars with generation titanic, gigantic beings, conceived by the gods. By then, the legend, only the gods lived on Earth. Giants had other defects besides colossal stature. Had more arms, heads or faces, often only one eye in the forehead, which is why they were called Cyclops, and were pretty dumb. Good hard work, but not to be found in their way when upset. Throwing rocks colossal earth quaked. Sons "normal" of gods and giants have used to seize power and overthrow the gods of old. Next photo shows a giant human skeleton found Americans in Iraq. Things begin to link ...Universal LibraryOn each side of the room are arranged five huge meals each hosting screenings of physics, cosmology, astronomy, architecture, technology, an area that features several races of intelligent beings - who were apparently not all human - and a field of religion . It seems like a huge library of the universe.In the middle of the room is a podium which is mounted a mental facility emissions, an energy enhancer thought possible, machine builders structured their proportions.Control panel of RomaniaNext is a panel depicting precise geometric symbols of different colors. There are two levers that slide to order something. The center panel is a red button above the rest. Order button is shown in a hologram explanation: an image of Earth at about 25 km height then shows the chain of the Carpathians. It shows then leaking huge quantities of water to lowlands and plains until the soil is still completely free.Then, soil Romanian territory today and part of Hungary and Ukraine appear more streams of water like giant rivers in every direction heading towards the mountains and Transylvanian plateau. Then the image is focused more and over Romania is basically another Great of which appear only in some areas like island peaks. Levers acting on the panel, the waters begin to withdraw from our country, but goes all by one point, the massive Retezat Godeanu mountains. A real manual!A mysterious amphoraAfter the control panel there is a large square with sides of three meters which is an amphora. Its content is one of the strengths of discovery. This is what he so ardently wished for him and Massini venerable elite Masons. Amphora containing a fine white powder. Researchers have remained dismayed to find that the substance is unknown crystalline monatomic gold is very difficult to obtain especially high purity formula.Venerable Massini was informed even before entering the room there amphorae. Gold powder in its pure form greatly stimulates certain flows and energy exchange at cellular and neural. That causes an accelerated process of rejuvenation. Theoretically, a man can live in the same physical body for several thousand years provided they consume, from time to time, and well-defined quantity, monoatomic gold powder. This explains many puzzling aspects about the incredible longevity of important characters and show the hidden intentions of the elite world of Freemasonry.True history of the planetThe middle square is a huge dome that projects a hologram of moving parts. It contains synthetic main aspects of extremely distant past mankind, even from its origin. S evolutionary theoryDarwin is so completely false. The true origin of man is depicted in a condensed form holographic. After the lessons of truth, we can say that 90% of the official history of mankind is false and counterfeit. Unbelievable, but what is considered really happened is largely false, myths and legends while people are almost all true. This strange inversion of the time caused many problems and conflicts between people.Most archaeologists are false ideas. Some "fantasy" of scholars such as hilarious theory of dinosaur extinction in 65 million years ago and considering the old continent of Atlantis and Lemuria as a myth, are now completely shattered as holographic projection shows clearly how it happened in reality. From time to time hologram preserve the event but the background sky map appears with marked positions of the main stars and constellations at the time. Thus did the exact dating of events in the presentation. Although the time period covered by the projections is very large (several hundred thousand years), and the Earth's precessional cycle is 25,920 years, by observing the number of years Plato (cycles of 25,920 years) to calculate the exact dating of events. Bucegi were formed 50-55 thousand years ago.

Shocking revelations
The author acknowledges that he actually saw what happened to the flood and where they were germs of human civilization, but this is not allowed to reveal because it involves too shocking realities mentality, ideas and knowledge of contemporary man.In a thrilling display of images showing the existence of Jesus and his crucifixion on the cross. Projections reveal many of those who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus on the hill, who were at that time, but came there from other historical periods. Those human beings who did not differ from clothing Jews present when the crucifixion, however, had completely different features of their image and that is why he hides his face as much as clothing folds. The hologram also shows sequential spiritual lives and missions of other exceptional characters distant past of mankind, who do not know anything now. When the social and population distribution were completely different planet from what is known today, and archaeologists and anthropologists should reconsider its foundations concepts.Three mysterious tunnelsOn the back wall are three giant openings, each having a control panel similar to the master, but smaller. Tunnels that are moving thousands of miles in three different areas of the planet. The result left somewhere in Egypt, in a set and still undiscovered secret that is under the sand. Right tunnel reaches a similar structure but small plateauTibet. From this second tunnel is secondary branches leading into the basement area Buzau Carpathians bend close and another is heading to Iraq basement structure nearBaghdad. Then, further, there is a branch to the bottom plateau of the GobiMongolia.A secret worldThe third tunnel, located centrally between the other two, is subject to a secret world of the very strong guarantees that the U.S. wanted. Knowing the tremendous political influence and relations venerable Masons Massini in Romania and U.S. political structures, we suspect that is trying to gradually take over control of the base interests of our state by external factors. However, there are very important people in political and administrative unit now known worldwide Masonic machinations and vehemently oppose its influence, especially in the discovery of Bucegi. Down the central tunnel inside the planet's crust and can provide an answer to the origin of structure inside the mountain and those who constructed it.The author says in conclusion that intense preparations were made for a secret expedition to Egypt first tunnel, then one toTibet and finally by the central to the Earth. Departure was to take place in September 2003.