sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

can cure AIDS?

Magus of the Carpathians is a novel of initiation, or a witness, do not know, that describes the life of a successful French, who found the doctor or suffering from AIDS. He built his universe without divine help, as far as he gives his account, and not give a damn about the existence or nonexistence of God, even he is angry, if he exists, to that end her life just then when at the height of his achievements. Though full of money and many depend on it, love two women: Julie, one of which broke a few years ago and Danaide, a beautiful painting depicting feminine perfection, unless you reveal image. Perfection has no identity, no? It just exists.

Diagnosis of extreme desperation, choose to call Julie after so long feeling that only she can console him. Solution brought it sends in Romania, where a gentleman, called Christopher, it can heal. At this point it is taken in a castle in the Carpathians, he begins a series of treatments with tea, meditation, exercise, etc. weird. I stop here to describe the action. Discover the details themselves.
The idea is that Paul, our character, goes through all evolutionary stages, the person is based solely on material and atheism, to the perfect book at the end. Revelation is Repentance, remorse and self-satisfaction. Feel the hate, then love endless rebellion.

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